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We are a locally owned business and very excited to serve the Front Range. ​Our Inspectors have experience in construction and renovation giving our team the unique ability to understand building and safety codes. This allows us to put the safety of your home investment as a top priority. We are dedicated to helping our clients receive quality service and peace of mind inspections.

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I have been a home inspector for 2 and ½ years, but my knowledge of the industry goes back 17 years where I worked on construction sites learning the ins and outs of framing, electrical wiring, drywalling, and roofing. I have a unique perspective having done hands-on work on almost every stage of the home building process. Through my experience I acquired the knowledge necessary to see and understand potential issues that are present now or could arise in the future. I have lived in Colorado Springs for more than 25 years and enjoy raising my 7 children here with my wife of 20 years. I am a local high school graduate and enjoy a lot of the community events around town. I look forward to helping new or experienced homebuyers in one of the most important purchasing decisions you will ever make. My desire to serve and help others allows me to put my clients’ desires and needs as a priority in all my inspections. Thank you for trusting me with your life decision.


Amber Smith has been plumbing since she could hold a wrench, roofing since she could climb a ladder, reverse engineering since she got her first screwdriver, and teaching since she could speak.  After receiving a BS in Technology Education she taught engineering for twelve years and left the work force to foster and eventually adopt two beautiful children with her husband James. She has returned to working outside the home to utilize her expertise in all things construction, renovation, and home improvement as a home inspector. Turns out a "jack of all trades" is best as a master of home inspecting. Her desire is to help people to have peace of mind in their home choice and direction in how to keep their home in it's best condition for years to come.


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More than performing a complete home inspection in Colorado Springs, CO, our team is here to help ensure your you know how to maintain your home and what to look for long term. Ask today about InterNachi’s ultimate home maintenance book “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection”!